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Incorporated in APRIL of 2014, the company started with TVAM packaged Drinking Water and Tvam Soda with distribution within a limited area of Uttar Pradesh.

Over the last one year, A K BEVERAGES has grown from strength to strength and decided to launch its Fruit Drink brand, also under umbrella of TVAM. Tvam Fruit-based beverages are not just juices, but wellness drinks that have the goodness of Aloe Vera.

The company is planning to have exponential growth and today offers 4 flavours of juice in North India, sold across 50,000+ retail outlets and more than 100 distributors.

It’s a pleasure to note that 2015 has been a milestone year for the company with the inauguration of A K BEVERAGES’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Ghaziabad.

With the Head Office in Ghaziabad, A K BEVERAGES has a team of over 50 driven professionals working across the length and breadth of North India.


TVAM as a brand has been built on the core values of COMMITMENT, CARE AND CONSISTENCY. AK Beverages strives to provide to its consumers the juices made from the best fruits, sourced from around the globe. The company guarantees to bring the same rewarding taste experience with every sip. Continuing this endeavour to produce delicious, nutritious and genuine fruit-based beverages, A K BEVERAGES has invested close to Rs. 50 million to setup its own facility in Uttar Pradesh.


Our manufacturing plant at Uttar Pradesh uses the latest and most advanced packaging technology that PET PACK has to offer. All TVAM products are processed and packaged at this modern facility. These stringent practices assure that the goodness of the fruits is protected and delivered to the consumers. Additionally, the Tvam plant also includes a highly advanced Product Development and Innovation Centre to help leverage the company with regards to quality and taste against its competitors.


Making ‘Tvam’ a part of everyday life in all parts of the country, and providing superior beverage distribution service to all our consumers while being a highly effective organisation.


Expanding our portfolio of products at affordable prices combined with the best quality in the industry.

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